Keratin Empowers. Maximum Hair Straightening.

Why Nov’Max?

  • Trusted and used by over 250 salons and professionals
  • Nov’Max has been straightening hair for more than 10 years
  • Our Keratin Primer and Anti-Volume Keratin can be used on their own or combined for longer lasting results, up to 6 months
  • Get ahead of your competition by using the best keratin treatment available
  • Become a premium stylist with Nov’Max Keratin hair straightening
  • Keratin strengthens the chemical makeup of hair making it healthier than ever before
  • Boost your clientele and profits providing Nov’Max Keratin treatments
  • It’s so easy to get started, just watch our free training videos!


  • Nov’Max products are only for stylists who are serious about using the best keratin hair products on the market.
  • We live for the feedback and the happy smiles we receive from our clients. Seeing results in our customers salons and their client’s hair is our passion. We pass on the magic that is our secret Brazilian keratin treatment through you.
  • So, invest in yourself and in the growth of your business by joining our close family today.


  • Instantly give your clients the feeling of confidence from a salon hair straightening finish that lasts up to 6 months.
  • Just imagine where your salon will be in 5 years after your keratin straight hair treatment clients have turned into raving fans and gushed to their girlfriends and family about your magic Brazilian Keratin treatment for curly hair.
  • Transform your business into a client pleasing, money printing machine in just a few months.


Choose Your Keratin Hair Treatment

Struggling to decide? Relax. Compare all the features below, so you can get back to shining in your silky smooth duties.

Nov'Max Primer

Nov’Max Primer is for you if you want to give…

  • Permanent hair straightening when combined with our Anti-Volume Keratin
  • Can drastically change the hair texture and feel, also can lift coloured hair up to two shades lighter without bleaching
  • Massive confidence boost to your clients with salon hair straightening
  • Straightening afro hair, removing strong waves, curls and even making the impossible, possible
  • On it’s own it is semi-permanent without smell and smoke free for those clients who are concerned about Formaldehyde

You must use Nov’Max Primer if you want to gift…

  • Easy Manageable hair without any additional home treatment
  • Anti Frizz keratin therapy
  • Natural shine

Nov'Max Anti-Volume

Nov’Max Anti-Volume is for you if you want to give…

  • Anti humidity salon hair straightening with a single hair treatment
  • Give drastic style change without cutting or colouring with keratin hair products
  • Massive confidence boost to your clients with salon hair straightening
  • The gift of time, no more hours spent straightening their hair daily
  • Clients will leave looking younger with a fresh new look

You must use Nov’Max Anti-Volume if you want to gift…

  • Manageable hair without any additional home treatment
  • Anti Frizz keratin therapy
  • Silky soft & natural flawless hair


Before and After


Kat Roberts – ‘Hair by Kat’


“I love Nov’Max, as do my clients! Leaves hair frizz free, shiny and soft! Amazing results ?”

Emma Morris – ‘Untangled Hair Studio’


“I’ve been using Nov’Max for 6 years or more years it’s fantastic my clients love it the results are great every time, shiny frizz free,, took me a while to find a good product and now I’d not use anything else.”

 Helen Gerrard – ‘Chez Gerrard Hair and Beauty’


“We’ve been using Nov max in our salon now for about 8 years, we love how quick and easy the products are to use, the end results are truly amazing. Our clients are amazed at how long it actually lasts , seeing as it is semi permanent , some clients have even been having it done yearly as didn’t need it before that. Defiantly a ? from us. ?”

Sarah Oconnor – ‘The Sunrooms’


“Myself and my clients love the results of this product, shiny beautiful frizz free hair for months! Very professional service too ?”

Nicole Walmsley – ‘Salon 215’


“Been using this treatment for over 4 years now and myself and clients love love love it. ??

Claire James-Bevis – ‘Accolade Hairdressing’


“We LOVE Nov’Max!”

Join Our Family!

Our Offer To You!

  • Our primer is £140.00, because it contains the most beautiful ingredients that helps to nurture and support natural hair, originating all the way from Brazil
  • We want to thank our community with our low prices & give you free postage and packaging within the UK, because we value your support!
  • Once you buy our Brazilian keratin, you join a family of over 300 salons that use our hair products

Limited Stock!

  • We try our best to keep up with demand but we have been known to run out of stock before. We advise salons and stylists to make sure that your Keratin stocks are never too low, to avoid disappointment
  • We operate on a first come first serve basis. If keratin treatments are something that you offer, make sure you don’t miss out.
  • Join our close community today!

We Absolutely Guarantee...

  • We guarantee that you will get less No-Shows to your appointments by using Nov’Max keratin treatment
  • Your clients will love the quality of keratin therapy you provide and will not be able to stop showing off their new confident persona coming from their permanent salon look
  • We also guarantee you always get the best product on the market
  • We update our keratin treatment formula as soon as the newest, safest and better technology is available. It has been improved twice in the last two years, and we will never stop searching for how you can serve your clients better
  • Our products are vegan and have never been tested on animals
  • Improved twice in the last 10 years
  • We aim to dispatch all orders on the same day when ordered before 12pm Monday – Friday
  • Orders made after 12pm will be dispatched the next working day
  • Orders dispatched on a Friday will arrive on Monday, the next working day

Join our Nov’Max family while stocks last!

Give your clients that permanent salon look with confidence and have them gushing about you to their girlfriends

Transform your business into a money printing, client pleasing machine starting at £18.00 per client

Just watch our free training videos and get started with our keratin treatments in the time it takes to have your lunch

Boost your clientele in just a few months by offering the best Brazilian Keratin straightener treatments on the market

If you are ready to offer keratin treatment that will WOW anyone, and achieve a massive boost to the quality of your business, then you must try our top of the range keratin hair products now.


Primer Comparison

Primer Comparison

  • Permanent results. Does not wash out over time
  • Lasts 4-6 months
  • Can be used on strong waves, curles, afro and resistant hair types
  • Controls: Waves & Curls
  • Natural shine hair quality
  • Avoid natural greys
  • Strips hair colour up to thee shades. Leave to develop for 30-50 minutes
  • Highlight or Bleach BEFORE treatment. Combine with Anti-Volume Keratin. Reduce heat to 200 degrees and leave to develop for 30 minutes
  • Using the primer on dry, damaged hair areas, you should combine the treatment with Anti-Volume Keratin
  • Treatment duration – 3 hours
  • When colouring the hair, dye a week after the treatment after a few washes
  • No aftercare needed. Repeat treatment when required
  • Contains Keratin Amino Acids
  • Smokey but doesn’t smell

Anti-Volume Comparison

Anti-Volume Comparison

  • Semi-Permanent results, slowly washes out over time
  • Lasts 3-4 months
  • Works on most hair types
  • Controls volume and frizz
  • Makes hair quality soft, silky and sleek
  • Avoid strong afro and dead frazzled hair
  • Strips hair colour up to two shades
  • Highlight or Bleach BEFORE treatment. Reduce heat 200 degrees
  • Highly recommended for dry & damaged hair, or hair areas
  • Treatment duration 2-3 hours
  • Dye after *Step 9 before washing if colouring
  • No aftercare needed. Repeat treatment when required
  • Contains formaldehyde 0.2% (COSHH 2002 Approved)
  • Strong smell that may cause eyes to water, nose to run and throat irritation
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